How to register

Click ONLINE REGISTRATION to start registration. If you have used this online registration system before, you should be able to find your profile there by typing your name in the box provided. Otherwise, you need to create a new profile following the instructions there (if you hover over the question mark, a pop-up message will appear).

Once you log in to the system you can update your profile, submit the title and abstract (in LaTeX) of your talk, and pay registration fee using the University of Melbourne e-Cart. You may pay by Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Registration is not complete until payment is received. Once the payment is received, a receipt will be sent to you via email.

If you plan to give a talk, please indicate this by entering the title and abstract of your talk in the registration system. If you do not know the title of your talk, you may enter a tentative title so that we become aware of your intention to give a talk at the conference. You can change the title and abstract of your talk at any time on or before 21 November 2021.

When reviewing your registration, please let us know your Time Zone during the conference. This will help us schedule your talks at a suitable time.

The online registration system will also be the platform for publishing information for participants, including timetable, Zoom links to talks, programme, abstract booklet, etc.

Email if you experience any difficulties.

Registration fees

The registration fees are as follows (in Australian dollars):

  • $50 standard ($70 after 31 October 2021)
  • $15 for CMSA life members ($35 after 31 October 2021)
  • $40 for students and unwaged ($50 after 31 October 2021)

CMSA membership for one year

Your registration will automatically include a one-year membership of the Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia (CMSA), if you are not already a life member of the CMSA.

Which registration type?

There is an AUD $35 reduction in the price of registration for Life Members of the CMSA. This reduction matches the annual membership fee for the CMSA, which is AUD $35 from 2022 onwards.

The Student/Unwaged registration is for students, retirees and the unemployed. However, unwaged Life Members of the CMSA should choose the CMSA Life Member registration type.